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SS Shieldhall

SS-Shieldhall-a-Historic-Steamship-Underway-on-The-Solent (1x).jpg

Onboard saloon bar & lounge

Schieldhall Salloon - to send.jpg
SS-Shieldhalls-bar pigwhistle-2.jpg

‘We were delighted to work on such a prestigious heritage vessel as SS Shieldhall,’ said Mr Moss. ‘Whilst we regularly fit out Navy ships it was a challenge for us to prepare a 1950s interior to an historic standard and yet one compatible with the needs of seafaring customers in 2017.  ‘Our team have looked to emulate – using pictures from when Shieldhall was launched in 1955 –  the Saloon and Bar, and have worked in other areas of the Ship too.

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