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As a child, Mike Moss trained as a concert pianist, his love of art and beauty ingrained at an early stage. At 16, he became an apprentice boatbuilder working in the joinery. It was here in 1976, he was awarded the prestigious Apprentice of the Year presented to him by Sir Patrick Duffy of the Ministry of Defence.

This lead to an appointment working for Vosper Ship Repair in Southampton. Working with the finest exotic timbers, and under the auspicious tutelage of the Queen's own David Primrose Hicks, Mike made the cabinets for the royal yacht, Prince Abdul Aziz - then the largest in the world.

In 1983 Mike & his wife moved to Connecticut in the US. It was here he developed his interest in combining old and new. Already a traditional craftsman, he was now introduced to the American way of maritime boat building. One of his first appointments was the renovation of the 127 ft yacht Ticonderoga. It was a massive success and Mike's reputation grew.
After a year abroad, Mike returned to new challenges - yachts. In 1985 he moved onto building the first of Mick Slade's much admired Ocean Leopard
Following this, he joined AJ Dunning Construction who specialised in Grade 1 & 2 listed properties. Mike successfully renovated a destroyed Winchester facade, utilising his impressive knowledge of woods.  


In 1990 Mike worked as a cabinet maker and bench joiner for CLC - a ship refurbishment company. His talent and knowledge saw him being promoted to Joinery Foreman. He was soon headhunted by Trist & Tombs, where he was further promoted to Projects Director. 

QE2 1990 2-L.jpg

Trist & Tombs had the Cunard contract and Mike found himself with the daunting task of refitting Cunard's flagship, the QE2. He also taught and mentored 36 apprentices, rising to the task admirably.  These included his three sons - all of whom have gone onto work for reputable yacht companies.


Mike is now a brilliant furniture maker and utilises all of his learned skills as a master craftsman to create unique and beautiful work. His royal connections continue as he has recently created eight benches for the grounds of Kensington Palace.  

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